Freedom Fund Raiser:

Uncle Pete, Cristy O’Toole, and Jenn Cook are facing felony manufacturing charges for the raids that were executed on 2 legal medical grows in August 2016. We are committed to proving our legality at all costs. We have an uphill battle ahead of us and appreciate any and all help that comes. Lawyer fees alone will exceed $20,000. Any and all donations will help us with this large financial burden and will be greatly appreciated. If you cannot afford to donate, sharing this campaign and raising awareness for our case is a great help. Thank you for your support as we continue on our mission to educate people from around the globe about natural alternative medicine.

The journey we have encountered in our quest for the “Truth about natural medicine” has been a roller coaster ride of emotions, challenges, and unfortunately some legal battles as well. During this time we have hosted and sponsored many events and worked diligently in our daily lives to educate the many that come to us for information. These are some of the best people on this planet and many have asked what they can do to help. Unfortunately this comes down to money sometimes. It is not in our nature to ask for help. However, felony charges against all 3 of us is a serious threat to our freedom and our family. We do not deserve to be treated like criminals. We did not break any laws, and we will prove that in court. Just like we have twice before. With your help, this can be a lot less painful for us. Thank for taking the time to consider us in your hearts today.

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A journey on the roller coaster of truths about cannabis oil has evolved over the years into what is now known as Seed 2 Cure. We set out to encompass all we have learned and experienced with cannabis oil and found ourselves learning about many natural treatments and alternatives to modern medicine.  The marriage of our modern medical system and the thousands of years of natural medicine is a utopia we work towards every day.

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