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Seed 2 Cure is a source of education. We have put together a combination of “how to” videos, radio shows, and testimonials from real patients who have gotten real help and relief from Cannabis oil.  Our step by step videos on how to grow and our plant tracking system will lead to the release of a full “how to” grow book. We have put together videos on how to make cannabis oil a household recipe for you and your family.  Our radio show addresses pediatric medical marijuana patients and the issues and concerns of parents.  Here you will find a connection to all that Seed 2 Cure has done and will be doing.  We are happy to share our experience, strength and hope. This is all leading to the release of our Documentary:

From Seed to Cure: The Truth about Cannabis Oil

A documentary done by patients and for patients. Featuring: Uncle Pete, Dr. Robert Melamede, Ryan Powers, Joe Crowe, Rebecca Lockwood, Alysa Erwin, Pat and Sue Doty, and more to come. Music provided by Kolorblind, Messy-J & Codini. Jennifer Cook is our Executive Producer. This documentary will include how to grow from seeds or cuttings all the way through harvest time and beyond. We will include a few different ways to make quality cannabis oils, patient and oil maker testimonials, as well as some of the science behind how and why cannabis has always been the most powerful medicine on the planet.

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