What is Seed2Cure?


Seed 2 Cure is a source of information and education regarding the TRUTH about cannabis oil. We have put together a combination of “how to” videos, radio shows, concerts, events,  and video testimonials in an effort to share our experience, strength, and hope.  We also have a camp in northern Michigan that is available for folks to visit by appointment only.   Here you will find a connection to all that Seed 2 Cure has to offer. Our phone number is 989-630-7852. Call today to schedule an appointment to come learn with us. Limited slots available. Cost is $100 per person/per day. $500 for a group. This will include oil making clasess, grow classes, question and answer time, and anything we can do to make your day with us cater to your needs. The fees collected are minimal but very necessary for many reasons.

A journey to the truth about cannabis oil has evolved over the years into what is now known as Seed 2 Cure Camp and this website. We set out to encompass all we have learned and experienced with cannabis oil in the form of a documentary. This path had led to some very real experiences involving some extreme cases of disease and devastation. In no way could we have been prepared for the overwhelming adventure we were about to embark upon. We have lived, loved, laughed, and cried with so many folks in such horrible circumstances of life. People that were offered no hope and even worse nobody that cares. The physical pain and wounds we have experienced were expected. The emotional and spiritual roller coaster ride that consumes us today is something we were not prepared for. The truth about cannabis oil is not just in the success stories but about all the one’s we leave behind. The countless children suffering from leukemia (the easiest cancer to beat with cannabis oil), the countless diabetics out there that don’t need insulin, the opiate addicts that are created every day by our over prescribing doctors, the countless cancer patients left with no hope or real options, and on and on. All natural treatments need to be recognized. The marriage of our modern medical system and the thousands of years of natural medicine is a utopia we work towards every day.



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